Photos copyright Anthony Hall        or Mike Wareham

Examples of Lesley’s work are shown below.

Plate 30cms diameter

Vase 34cms high

Plate 27cms diameter and 2 small                 mugs 9cms high

Plate 22cms diameter

Bowl 27cms diameter

          Plate with leaf pattern,25cms diameter

Cheese Dish  40cms x 20cms

Set of small Coffee Mugs,  8cms high

All of Lesley’s Domestic Ware can be used in Ovens, Refrigerators and Dishwashers.

Table Lamp,  45cms high, supplied complete with shade and electrical                            fittings.

Vase, 1.2 metres high, with aperture, may be used as a flower vase or displayed                        as a separate item.

Outdoor pots and other features shown below are all frost-proof.

Large Garden pot with ‘Tree’ decoration, 60cms high and 45cms wide at the top.

A Pebble Tree, an ornamental feature. Individual pebbles may be turned and/or                                rearranged.

Garden Pods, mounted on steel stems and pushed into the flower border.